About Black Tiger

Cornerstones of Black Tiger Karate

The Tenets and Codes are used in each class to reinforce proper training, to build camaraderie, and to instill a sense of responsibility outside of the dojang (training hall). The Class Tenets are recited at the beginning of each class, to reinforce these thoughts during training. By the same token, the Life Codes are recited as a group at the end of class, to provide guidance when our students are not in the dojang.

The Seven Class Tenets

Respect & Obedience
Indomitable Spirit


The Five Life Codes

Loyalty to Country and Master
Obedience to Parents and Elders
Honor Friendship
No Retreat in Battle
In Fighting, Choose with Sense and Honor

Elements of Black Tiger Karate

Basics are the individual techniques which include blocks, kicks, punches, and stances. Basics drills are the foundation of Tang Soo Do training and the other elements flow from this one.

Hyung (or forms) are a set pattern of techniques that students practice at all levels. Learning forms increases students’ comprehension and memorization abilities. Forms drill basic techniques while teaching strategy, tactics and timing. These are crucial factors in any real confrontation.

One-Step Sparring allows the student to practice basic techniques with a partner. The goal of one-step training is to learn correct distance and timing, two additional crucial factors in a real confrontation. Together with the Hyung, one-steps help prepare a student for free sparring.

Free Sparring lets the students practice the free flow of techniques against one another in a controlled environment.  The goal is for students to practice defending themselves in an unknown situation. Safety is emphasized at all times and students wear protective gear.

Self-Defense allows students to learn to deal with a variety of situations. This teaches them what to do when they are confronted, as well as how to escape.

Breaking a piece of wood teaches the student to concentrate, focus the mind and correctly target a technique. Breaking is used during promotional tests and safety is emphasized at all times.

Mental training emphasizes the importance of the 7 Tenets and 5 Codes as cornerstones of Tang Soo Do. The students learn discipline and respect. We also emphasize self-reliance, concentration, and control as important aspects of daily life.