Belt Ranking

Rank is awarded after promotional testing, done by invitation offered to each student according to his or her individual progress. Testing occurs quarterly.

Belt colors can be very confusing, as they are not consistent between styles (i.e. Tang Soo Do, Kung fu, Tae Kwon Do), or even within styles (there are several different Tang Soo Do federations). The belt colors are:

White represents a primitive stage, ready to learn and grow. It is the dormant stage of a new member. Beginner 10th Gup  
9th Gup  
Purple represents new growth, like the spring season. The member has new knowledge to grow and a sense of Tang Soo Do direction is developed.  Advanced Beginner 8th Gup  
7th Gup  
Green represents the speedy development of youth as summer arrives, a sense of pride has come over the member. Intermediate 6th Gup  
5th Gup  
4th Gup  
Red represents power, stability, agility, weight and wisdom. This is like the high school years. The member begins to flower and bloom. Advanced 3rd Gup  
2nd Gup  
1st Gup  
Navy Blue represents maturity, respect, & honor. It is the completion of a goal or one stage of life. The mind is clear and calm. The body is a machine that can move and react in a split second.   Black Belt
1st-3rd “degree”
1st Dan  
2nd Dan  
3rd Dan  
Navy Blue w/Red is a new pathway to higher ranks of black belt. It is graduating from high school and going to college to become a Master.   Master
4th-6th “degree”
4th Dan  
5th Dan  
6th Dan  
Senior Master
7th-8th “degree”
7th Dan  
8th Dan